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Technology of "TERMODOM
  • Technology of "TERMODOM

Technology of "TERMODOM


The technology of "TERMODOM" (Termodom) though has behind the shoulders about 40 flyings of successful construction, for us is still novelty. People always, are suspicious of all new. In such cases there are always many questions. Frequent questions and answers to them, it is possible to read in this article:

1. What is the thermoblock?
These are the hollow blocks manufactured of expanded polystyrene which in the course of construction of the thermohouse, are filled with concrete and in addition to the warming function, carry out role, fixed timbering.

2. What is technology of "TERMODOM" (Termodom)?
"TERMODOM" is technology of construction of monolithic houses from concrete using as fixed timbering and heater of blocks from the made foam extruded expanded polystyrene.

Information is up-to-date: 25.06.2019

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