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Kitchens in Moldova
  • Kitchens in Moldova

Kitchens in Moldova

Presently most often at registration of kitchen two different styles are used. Let's consider them in more detail.
1. Modern style.
The preference is given in this style to stainless steel and glass. These materials can be met in combination with tree. Final finishing of kitchen can be very various. Choosing material for kitchen table, it is important to consider its moisture-proofness and heat resistance. Stainless steel is material which conforms to these requirements therefore it is used most often both in house conditions, and in restaurant business.
Glass of different flowers gives to table attractive look. This material is easily cleaned and behind it special leaving is not necessary. But serious lack of glass is its fragility. Therefore the table from such material cannot be scratched or subjected to blows.
2. Traditional style.
It is known that three materials are basis of traditional style of kitchen: stone, tile and tree. Common feature of these materials is that they can create cozy house situation. The stone - the most durable and strong material which well resists to high temperatures is steady against moisture and detergents. The tree gives to any room special charm, but this material badly is suitable for kitchen table. The tile is cheap material which combines durability of stone and ease in leaving. Many models of tile can imitate tree or stone.

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