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Construction low-rise to Chisinau Moldova!!!
  • Construction low-rise to Chisinau Moldova!!!

Construction low-rise to Chisinau Moldova!!!

Construction low-rise to Chisinau Moldova!!!

TERMODOM is house which walls are put from the polystyrene foam blocks which are filled in with heavy concrete and being, in fact, fixed timbering. Gaining durability, concrete forms monolithic framework thanks to which the thermohouse is capable to resist to multiball earthquakes, and the kapron grid and strong plaster does not allow to cause loss to appearance of the thermohouse.

The special design of docking locks of the isohouse (other name of thermohouses) allows quickly and with high precision to assemble blocks of fixed timbering, like cubes in Lego meccano. Plasticity of blocks allows to create any configurations of buildings. Thanks to quality of production of thermoblocks, Termod has strict geometry of walls. It is easy and convenient to work with thermoblocks. The technology "Termod" allows to reduce labor input of construction works by 10 times, and construction terms by 6-8 times, with economy of means to 40%!!! That is why Construction technology Termod - technology of the future in low-rise construction.

In the construction TERMODOM system special construction expanded polystyrene is applied. Its density makes 25-35 kg/m3 that is twice more, than at the expanded polystyrene used as heater.

The THERMOHOUSE 25 cm thick wall, on ability to keep heat, is equivalent to bricklaying 2 meters thick!!! Environmentally friendly expanded polystyrene does not allocate any harmful to the person and his environment of substances. The polystyrene foam wall, as well as wooden, possesses ability "to breathe". Expanded polystyrene with anti-renew additives which does not sustain combustion is applied.

Information is up-to-date: 30.05.2019

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