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Apartment design

Design Interior. Calitativ, Original, Econom. Interior design
Design Interior. Calitativ, Original, Econom. Interior design
Group: Apartment design
Repair and design of apartments
Examples of the performed works: European-quality repaircomplex repairre-planning of rooms in Moldova, Cumpar, Pret, Foto in Moldova to Buy, the Price, the Photo
Group: Apartment design
Interior design of office: there is no wish to leave!
The office is place in which we carry out lot of time, and some, one may say, at all there live. Therefore it is very important to create interior design of office correctly: such that there it was pleasant to both employees, and clients, and partners to come. However it is insufficiently simple to...
Group: Apartment design
Glass office partitions in Moldova
Any modern office is always filled with stormy life. Modern requirements to office room consist in that it was the most convenient and corresponded to spirit of the age. To competently register office rather difficult. But even small office room can be planned so that it will be spacious and...
Group: Apartment design
Kitchens in Moldova
Presently most often at registration of kitchen two different styles are used. Let's consider them in more detail. 1. Modern style. The preference is given in this style to stainless steel and glass. These materials can be met in combination with tree. Final finishing of kitchen can be very...
Group: Apartment design
Design interior moldova, Interior design
Irrespective of the fact which you prefer style of interior: strict and laconic, vanguard and modern, cozy and "house", or interior in classical style, - having become our client, you can be sure that our designers will create unique, exclusive design the project which will be harmoniously...
Group: Apartment design


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